Friday, March 9, 2012

Student Food That Tastes Like Real Food

I thought I would share one of my staple student-friendly recipes. This is really a good one because you do make everything yourself but it's so easy and SO cheap! You can feel good about yourself and it doesn't have to be a splurgey exception. 

To avoid the typical mac n' cheese experience, I sometimes buy 'Trottole Tricolore' (spiral-shaped multi-colored pasta which has spinach and tomato extracts in it to make it more interesting). And it's the same price as a regular pasta! High five for feeling fancy!

 The fact that the two main ingredients (tomatoes and tuna) are canned helps keep this really inexpensive, and even though fresh tastes better, this also means you can stock up on ingredients and cook it whenever you want rather than having to use something while it's fresh. 

Trottole Tricolore with Tomato-Tuna Sauce

* 1 can cooked plum tomatoes, plus juice
* 1 whole onion
* 3-4 cloves of garlic (it's possible i might be overdoing it on the garlic front while my boyfriend is on the other side of the planet...)
* 1 tspn olive oil
* 1 generous pouring red wine
* juice from 1/2 lemon
* 1/2 can tuna
* fresh or dried basil, salt, pepper, etc. to taste

Simmer the whole can of tomato and juices on low/medium heat with the whole peeled onion sitting inside. It should never boil. Pour in the wine. Add the chopped garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and herbs/spices. Once the onion has turned pink from the tomato juices, pull it out, chop it finely, and throw the pieces back in. (This might be an unnecessary step for some but I find that this method allows the onion to turn soft and translucent while still retaining its oniony flavor, instead of just absorbing the taste of the tomato sauce.) Finally, add in the tuna and stir. Serve over pasta (or rice? Or if you're like me, then whatever you have around...) with cheese on top. Mmmmmm, i always feel good about myself after making this sauce...

And of course, this is how I really eat it... on my bed with an episode of New Girl. I just love Zooey D! 


In three short days I'm going to Glasgow with some friends to see the incredible Florence + the Machine!!!!! I've had her on repeat for weeks in anticipation! Here are some of my favorites... (hopefully my friends in Germany  don't have problems playing the songs like you do with youtube). She is SO GOOOOD. I can only imagine how she'll be live...

Florence by jennyholbrook on Grooveshark


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