Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Jewels

Let me quickly report back from my last post and say that the Florence + the Machine show was INCREDIBLE!!! Just unreal (here is a video from the night)... and the fact that we missed the last train home after waiting in standstill crowds, ran the streets of Glasgow trying to flag down a taxi to get us to the next train station in time, failed drastically at that, and eventually found our way to the megabus station and waited around for 45 minutes on a bus that just wouldn't leave til 1 am [there were too many people wanting to get on, luckily we were at the front of the line so we got seats], just goes to prove how good her show was, because it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!


Anyways, sometimes when I'm struggling for pearlswirl inspiration I neurotically organize play around with my supplies til something jumps out at me. It has definitely been working for the past few days-- I feel inspi-ah-ed! I've been creating very spring-inspired designs and the recurring clock theme represents my desire for looong days and summertime!

 Milk & Honey Bracelet (sold)

These next four will be listed in the coming days.

 Strawberry Mojito Bracelet

Chain Reaction Necklace

Watermelon in the Summertime Necklace

 Fairy Toadstool Bracelet



Anya said...

Everything is so beautifuL! :D

Jennifer said...

love the milk and honey bracelet and the skipping stones necklace! I hadn't heard of Florence and the machien till I went home for the summer. My neice and sister-in-law had just gone to her concert. I still haven't heard her though:) Glad you had a good time.

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