Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Labor of Love

 This sweatshirt refashion had traumatic beginnings. I was all ready with my inspiration from Sincerely Kinsey, had my heart cut out of my regular sweatshirt, and the whole thing pinned and waiting. But- as I threaded my machine and tried to bring up the bobbin, it just wasn't coming. At all. 

Disclaimer: long and boring description of machine troubles incoming. If you don't know machines, you're no use to me and may simply skip ahead to next paragraph. I rethreaded it, changed bobbins, tried the magic 'turn it off and on again' fix... but my bobbin thread was staying put. The cog [?] bit underneath the bobbin casing was rotating normally as the needle moved but not the actual bobbin. Does that make sense? Has anyone ever had this?
After a hasty weep to myself, realization dawned: my machine is broken. It was not a pretty moment... me and my roommate in the living room in varying states of distress [I will let you guess...], her attempting to find an online version of the manual for me, me just hugging the machine and rocking it back and forth...

 And this is why I can't join Pinterest. I fixate on things. I LITERALLY cannot rest if I have an idea that can't be completed. I decided I absolutely had to handsew this lace cut out immediately or I would die. Pinterest is like a superwonderland of inspiration and projects that you want to recreate and I just know it would be physically painful for me to see so much and not be able to instantly make my own. So no.

But-- happy thoughts! I never used to wear this cause it was a bit blah but now I love it so much. I don't have a before picture but just imagine it without the heart [and with a proper collar which i cut off]. :) Just draw a heart [or any shape] onto your garment, cut it out, pin a square of lace to the inside of the garment, and either hand sew with an embroidery hoop, or machine sew. Trim the lace around the inside seam. Easy! I love that you can change the look by wearing a different color underneath.



Kelly's Korner said...

The sweatshirt is adorable! Really cute! Sorry about your machine. I've seen that happen but I don't remember a fix for it. It may be one for the repair shop... Or more googleing.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

So sorry to hear about your machine :(
This looks awesome though!

Carolina said...

Very cool!

I would love to have Pinterest as I've heard so much good about it but I think I have to much social pages already :o, hard to keep up!

Sorry about your sewing machine!

Jennifer said...

LOVE the sweat shirt!! Adorable refashion. I think I will get out an old pull over hoodie I have never worn (because it's just too much with the hood and you can't unzip it) and cut off the hood part. Thanks for the inspiration Jenny:)

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