Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do The Charleston

University societies are a big thing here in Britain; they're like student clubs that are registered members of the student's union and which have annual committee elections and constitutions and all that good stuff. If you have followed my blog for a while you might know I'm the current [and future] co-president of Create Society, which is a joint creative-writing and crafting society. We're effectively run as two different societies under one umbrella: separate weekly writing and crafting meetings are organized and run by separate committees. Guess which committee I am on... :)

 Anyways, we were shortlisted this year for an 'Oscar' for 'Best Revamped Society'! This is a big deal and we were super honored to be chosen [and excited for le partay]! Had an awesome time dressing up too! I wish i had access to the full-length professional photos from the night though...

The crafting committee [and my lovely beautiful friends] Carly, Rosy and Cassie.

It was a 1920's themed event with a free champagne and canape reception for the VIPs [executive committee, ie us] during the award ceremony in a beautifully-decorated hall of our society building, plus a live jazz show, ceilidh, and free clubnight after. We had a blast to say the least! It was awesome being a VIP guest at an event I would normally be waitressing at! HAHA! how the tables have turned...

Excuse my wee gimp arm; I was leaning on the radiator! 

We didn't win, but when we saw the competition we were up against, we were genuinely shocked to even be on the shortlist. Seriously... the other societies, respectively, have raised hundreds of pounds to support students with dyslexia, competed in and won international bhangra dance shows, and provided free access to academic databases. While we... get together every week to make crafts, listen to music, and eat homebaked cakes. Hhmmm. It's a good life, yes, but it's not exactly changing the world.

And I suppose this technically counts as a craft post since I made my necklace and my headdress [and my clutch but you can't see that].

I'll be back soon with tall tales of my dad's visit this past weekend, and maybe a craft or two.


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Kelly's Korner said...

Sounds like fun, even if you didn't win. And hey, crafting can change someone's life too! Maybe not as dramatically... but you never know!

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