Monday, March 5, 2012

Delicious Wall Art

At a poster sale before Christmas I found this print [below] and snapped up one for me and one for my sister. I love it so much! I don't think it's possible to enlarge the images since I couldn't find any large versions [I guess artists have to take precautions so people don't copy and print their stuff... sad.] But anyways it's lived happily amongst my eclectic collection of wall art, including this great print Megan got me, this antique map from my mom of my home city, and countless other handmade frames and bits. Mostly awesome gifts cause my people know me so well [you's guys are the best]!

But what's the reason for this post?? I DISCOVERED THERE ARE MORE MAPS! Yes! It's true! Take a look at their supreme cuteness. The artist is Britain-based Alice Tait and I think she's genius. I love how each neighborhood or area has its own little style. They might verge a bit on the touristy side, yes, but seriously that does not detract from the design! Even if I were local to one of these cities [ahem.. WHEN I am local...] I wouldn't mind having them up.

So, what do we think? Have I gone off the deep end of cliché and twee, or do you love them too? I mean I'm only asking to be polite really... cause my mind is definitely made up. :)



Darla Dear said...

I recently bought a map of Paris for my wall! Mine looks a bit more like a real/topographically accurate map of Paris, but I also like these for their graphic design element!


Katelyn R. said...

Oh, I like that map, and i've been looking into getting similar ones lately. check them out:

Lucy Addison said...

Thanks very much for your comment:)!!

The project i'm doing at uni at the moment is about connections between people and objects. I originally looked at things people collect/keep like tickets, letters, stamps etc but now i'm looking at alternative ways to show connection. So i am mapping the journey of a letter. I have a few already sent out but would love more people to get involved as it's not very reliable for my hand in date as i might not get it back in time (or at all) haha. But inside the envelope will be a map to X where you are in the world and some simple instructions to follow and then post it on to someone else. If your interested in getting involved I would be happy to send a letter out to you! It's exciting:D And would be a great help. If your interested email me your address and i'll get on the case! my email-


P.s i love your blog!!xx

Jennifer said...

These are so cool! If she had one of Germany or San Diego, I'd buy it!

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