Saturday, February 11, 2012


 Last week I got a crafty craving and decided to transform something I already had. I took an old turtleneck (I'm ashamed I even had this in my closet in the first place) and made it more interesting with 4 key ingredients and tools: scissors, bleach, fabric paint, and sewing machine!

I started by dipping it unevenly into a bucket with 10 parts hot water to 1 part bleach. It turned pink almost instantly- much faster than I expected. It's also more pink than I anticipated. I was going for more of a corally orange (which I would have preferred), but I'm not the boss of bleach. So pink it is! 

After bleaching, I soaked it in lukewarm water with a bunch of salt to help remove the excess bleach from the fabric. I did a final warm rinse and let it dry overnight. 
The good thing about stretch jersey is that, not only does it not fray, but it rolls nicely and forms a really pretty edge if you cut it across the weave. After bleaching, I cut a boatneck and removed the bottom seam. I kept the turtleneck excess fabric to sew up into a little front chest pocket.

As a last step, I painted a motif on the front using Dylon fabric paint. I cut my patterns out of clear contact paper, positioned them where I wanted on the front and back of the top, and sponged the paint on. This paint looks and feels really professional- once it's dry you iron it on low to heat set it, then you wash it and it feels soft like something you would buy in a store! 

I love it now! Much more my style, and the bleach made it soo soft (I guess because it technically destroys the fibers?). I can see myself living in it for a couple months. SUCCESS!!


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I did cringe when you said turtle Neck. I was suprised you had one! I won't even put those on my kids! EVER! Ok, enough turtle neck bashing. I had a very spandex-like top in the early 90's that was an ugly color but I liked the top. SO I bleached it and it came out a beautiful baby-poop green but the most exciting part was the stitching was white! SO it had white contrast stiching all over and it was glorious:) I think I even have a photo...anyway, so I was looking to see if yours came out like that too. I like the new neckline and that pink color!! Bravo!

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