Monday, February 6, 2012

Ode to a Skirt

You're stretchy and so soft, and you give a bit of curve (kind of),
Please don't ever leave me; won't you be my lurve?
You're comfy and delightful and pleasant to the touch,
When I rubbed you on my face in public, people guessed as much. 
I sewed you with love on my little machine,
But didn't realize you need a hand-wash only clean.
So please, dear skirt of mine, stay true,
Let neither dirt nor stains touch you.
  I have a skirt that's this shape from H&M in a stripey cotton that I practically live in. It's soo comfortable and easy to throw on. I was thinking about replicating it for a long time but never settled on an idea. Then, a combination of finding this great tutorial from Cotton & Curls, inspiration from here, and gift certificates to this store (do my ever-loving people know me or what?) happened and my lovely crushed-velvet skirt was born! I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon making this, drinking tea, and watching Yes Man (very inspiring), then wore it out for (now weekly) salsa dancing and a Latin club. Perfect day. I will honestly report back that it rode up a little too high at times to be a repeat salsa skirt. The room was dark. These things happen. But I think from now on it might just accompany me to more sedentary activities. Don't tell it.

I never hated the buttery yellow of my walls as much as I do now. Next time I'll go outside with a friend and try to take better pictures. The color is a rich jewel-tone blueish green and these pictures do not do it justice!

I got a huge fabric haul all at once, so I'm now fueled for weeks of sewing! And I signed up for a free trial of Love Film (the British Netflix) so I don't see much schoolwork happening over here any time soon... but surely I should get credit for writing that poem?



Kelly's Korner said...

It looks cute! I like your hair cut too!

Jennifer said...

I was going to say the exact same thing as Kelly! EXACTLY!

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