Saturday, February 4, 2012


 I came across these photos from NYC on my phone the other day and remembered that I never uploaded them! So now I'm taking a mental trip back to that awesome city and that awesome vacation... Of course my camera battery ran out almost as soon as we got onto the Brooklyn Bridge to observe the skyline, i.e. THE reason why people go to New York. At least I got a few.

 Some might know that Davide is currently in Shanghai and will be for the next six months studying at a Chinese language school and working and just generally being super awesome. I'm so happy for him but also missing him beyond words. I know for some it's not that long apart-- even for us, since we haven't lived in the same country for 1.5 years! But the combination of him being so far away, and the time difference, and the bad internet connections, etc, etc. is just a lot. I miss him!!!! I am generally the anti-cheese (in the sense of romantic, cheesy mushiness), so for me to be publishing these thoughts online is a big deal. (I will probably cringe tomorrow when I re-read this in a less emotional mood.)

I will be lucky enough to visit him there in April (!!!) and I know it will be an unforgettable experience but until then I'll have to satisfy my sadness with these pictures...

On less of a downer note, I'm really getting back into sewing these days. My inspiration is back for sewing garments! I just finished a tee-shirt refashion and will show that as soon as I can get decent pictures! :)


Megan said...

Great photos, Jenny! I think the 4th of February must be like, nostalgia day or something, because I had a wee weep to myself, missing Costa Rica, and then I spoke to Amanda and she said that she'd seen a book about Dakar in a bookshop and it made her really sad too.

I know it's hard with time differences and internet connections - it's not lame or soppy to let it get to you once in a while! I'm really sorry things have to be that way for you, but you know, sometimes I think that part of the reason Grant and I like each other is precisely because of our adventurousness and our love for travelling. I find comfort in that it's the only way to be, and maybe you will too?

Anyway, I'd hug you if I could, because I know it's really tough. But you're a strong lass, too. You can do this! :)

Love love love!
M xoxox

tara tadlock said...

i am feeling very nostalgic today also! can't wait to see your new sewing fashion wear :)

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