Monday, February 27, 2012


 Last week while home I made candles with my mom! She read my post here about recycling candles and started saving all hers so we could do it together! It's super awesome to have someone read your blog and then want to recreate something you posted, even if it is only your mommy. :)

 We made eight or nine candles in pretty jars she had and I did one in a beautiful antique China tea cup she gave me for Christmas. FINALLY I succeed in my longstanding dream of making my own teacup candle! Most people my age would say this ironically, but just to be clear I am serious here. My crafting dreams are never to be made light of.

Anyways they turned out pretty and we infused them with blood orange essential oils (I'm counting each sniff as one of my five-a-day...) but we had the same problem I had last time where the wax formed a little valley in the middle as it was drying (not on the teacup but the other ones). We even waited til they were partly dried and poured more over the top but the candles weren't having any of it. Any candle-makers out there? How can I fix this problem??


Now. confession time. Things are about to get real on Pearlswirl Journals...

I spent eleven hours in the library today. ELEVEN. Let me put that into terms that those of you lucky enough not to be there might understand. I walked into the library at noon. Sat down at a desk. Logged onto the computer. Pulled out my notebook and my doodle-drawing pencil. STAYED THERE FOR ELEVEN HOURS. And left at eleven pm. 

Now many people [biology students, no doubt, and others who do 'real' science] would laugh this off like it's no big deal, 'haha, only eleven hours working in one day, you're so mediocre!' To them I say, 'shut up'. I have been working on this for weeks. It would have taken less time to finish today had I not had a genius lightbulb moment around Hour 4. But so there you go. My data assignment is beautiful, complete, and should preferably be gold-plated. 

But now the real confession: upon finishing working, what did i do? I came home, sat on my floor, lit all my candles around me, and attempted to destress by meditating. I kid you not. Sat on the carpet, in the dark, surrounded by fire, attempting to clear my brain of all thoughts. So naturally all I could think about was, 'i must take photos and put this on my blog!' How sad is that?! HAHA. I fail big time at meditation.

And then to top things off I realized that 6 open flames on the floor in a cluttered and dusty apartment probably constitutes a pretty big fire hazard. So I blew them out and now I'm here.

The end


Yash... said...

You're so funny. I'm glad you and your dust didn't go up in flames.

Now gimme the good karma.

Kelly's Korner said...

I thought all candles made the funny little dent when they cool.... everytime I've made one that happens. I guess profi candles are flat though huh...

Glad you got your assignment done!

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