Friday, February 24, 2012

Beschäftigt But Fun.

Oh, so it seems I've been quietly neglecting my little bloggy for a couple days, but in reality I've just been a bit beschäftigt. This word is German for 'busy' or 'preoccupied'. In my opinion, the two puny English syllables in 'busy' just don't cut it. The German is much more fitting for the state of having 50 boring things on your to-do list but only enough time to complete 5 of them. How do you prioritize? Seems to me, the easiest thing to do... is to sit down with a cup of tea, and watch an episode of New Girl. Now, normally, this is my routine. No problem here. Last week was spent in exactly such a way.

But, these last couple days were a bit different because I was lucky enough to go visit my parents in Germany and some truly wonderful and incredible friends who were in town for just two wee days, and the incredible Katelyn who will soon be moving away... sniff [I also needed to fill out some important bank paperwork and have a dentist appointment, but whatevs.] Thus, during this time, I was not beschäftigt with the normal tasks, but rather beschäftigt with relaxing. For which I will revert back to the less harsh-sounding 'busy'.

Basically, folks, I been lazy. I also done got pink eye (conjunctivitis), then some form of sinusitis/laryngitis/whatever-itis. My flight connection was through Amsterdam and I was sort of afraid my small bloodshot pink eyes might be mistaken for someone having too much fun in Amsty and trying to sneak through security, but I guess they're used to such sites cause it didn't faze them! :) 2012 has not been the year of my good health so far, but I've decided that will change in March. It's Vitamin C time!

Anyways, now you've read my novel, I reward you with pictures.  

I rekindled my romance with this flufflball this weekend.
        "Are you my friend?"        "I'll let the sniff test be the judge of that."          "Oh. I'm afraid you failed."

Just like old times. Actually she and I had quite the little lovefest going on! :)

I baked Valentine's fairy cakes, and stuck to my Vitamin Resolution.

 My friend Harri and I made these chocolate cake balls again but this time put the Oreo cream filling to good use! Those are cookie crumbs and whole cloves for his appendages. [I know how ridiculous he is but he's too cute not to share...]

 Some supreme lovelies from high school. 

And... it's been a good month for being featured in Etsy treasuries too! I added arrows to make my items clearly visible but I don't think it helped...

                                    Venetian Blues                                    Rusticly Rustic

I also found this link to a lampshade tutorial I made and completely forgot about way back when! I don't think I ever blogged about it here on Pearlswirl Journals, so if you're interested in the tutorial or where I used to work, go take a look!

Two beschäftigt and busy weeks these have indeed been. But I do love it that way. 



Anonymous said...

I can't get thru to the Venetian Blue site ... can you re-list it? I love one of the things they have for sale and would love to go there.

pearlswirl said...

Hey Mary! Here's a direct link to that treasury... is it the blue lacy scarft thing? I can see you pulling that off! :)

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