Sunday, January 8, 2012

Soap Dish Fish

Happy New Year all! A little late, but I'm finally settling into the strangeness that is two thousand and twelve. I vividly remember standing in the girl's bathroom at my elementary school on the first day back from Christmas break  talking about how i could not believe it was already 1998. I thought it was such an adult-like thing to say, since of course when you're 8 time goes by at    a       snaaaaiiiilllll's    paaaaace. So anyways, Brittany Conrad, if you're reading this, I hope life has sped up for you since 1998! 


Three friends and I turned my little apartment into a soap-making factory before Christmas and had a blast making these nice scented gifts! My portion went to my madre.
We used a glycerin soap block kit, which we melted down. One day I want to try the real cold-process method which involves lye, oils, and weeks of curing. Seems like a lot of work though. For soap. Anyways.

Our stroke of genius was to use ice-cube trays as molds and some lemon fishies were born! Take a moment to appreciate their cuteness, please.

Some were peppermint-scented and others were lemon. These will make your  house smell good!
Adding poppy seeds, lavender, and marigold leaves. 


I'm loving this song as a driving motivational anthem for an exciting new year.


Kelly's Korner said...

Very cool! Funny that you mention wanting to do the whole lye process. I've been thinking about that a lot lately too. Did you see the recipe for using bacon grease? EWW! But interesting...

Katelyn R. said...

I have that fish ice cube tray! I love your soap, I've been wanting to make some too... those huge bars that you can cut and have designs all in them are awesome! I expect to see you making some soon!

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