Friday, January 27, 2012

Sheep Cozy

= My life for the past 5 days. Luckily, before the horrendous medical condition of *&^%-ed up sinuses struck, I had the idea to sew up this adorable hot-water-bottle cover! It took 10 whole minutes [by which I mean ACTUALLY ten minutes, not the 'ten minutes' they tell you in craft books, which ends up being closer to 4 hours]. 

I'ts great for saving on heating costs. It's a soft wool-poly blend and is incredibly soft but strong. It also doesn't fray AT ALL which means you can leave the edges raw. Which, in my book, puts this project right between SCORE and saWEEET.

  Then at a bargain store I found a mini (600cl) hot water bottle so I made one up for my sister! This will be my definitive way to find out if she actually reads my blog like she says she does... So Mad, if you are indeed reading this, I will mail it off to you shortly! 

[EDIT: Seems like she doesn't. Well well well.... maybe I don't mail it off to her...]

It's the closest you can legally get to cozying up with a sheep. They have laws about these things up here ;)


Kelly's Korner said...

Sorry you're sick, but cute water bottle cover!

PS. Did you see the GIANT Queen stamp rug on pinterest?

Yash... said...

You're the only one I know who can make a case of *&^%-ed up sinuses both funny and cozy. Hard to feel sorry for you... :-)

Jennifer said...

I love these old fashioned water bottles! I say old fashioned because whenever someone younger has seen the one I own they've asked why I have an enema bottle. Why enema? Why not a water bottle you carry when hiking? Anyway, I love yours! I know they are big over here in Europe but I think in the states they are not used by the young? Emily got one as a present from a German (Tuesday Quilter) when she was born. Love your wee sheepies:)

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