Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Lady Skills

This wintery, nest-worthy weather has me honing my old lady skills to the max. I'm not even joking. Baking scones. Embroidering in bed. It's only the beginning. Just wait. 
Am I a little sad? Maybe. I guess. ALRIGHT. But you know what? Now I have scones, and you don't. 
This recipe is closely adapted from Emma's at Food Coma blog. Everything she makes looks so mouth-wateringly delicious! And she's a veggie, so it's always interesting to see what creative meatless options are out there besides pasta and cheese, you know. [I'm not a veggie per se but oftentimes my budget is not my friend and I can't afford a lot of meat. Also I only want to buy free range, good quality, so that reduces my options even more.]

I just added some sugar, increased the milk, and swapped out crannies for candied lemon/orange peel and a couple raisins. I also did an egg-yolk wash on top for shininess. I'm VERY impressed with how these turned out. They were super more-ish.

I made them for Create Society [hence their chopped-in-half-ness] and hope to make them again with fresh crannies one day [although those are very hard to get a hold of here]. Maybe blueberries? Cherries? The mind BOGGLES at the possibilities.

I hope your weekend has been stellar so far! I'm off for a day-long shopping excursion to HobbyCraft with the lovely ladies from CreateSoc committee, then tonight I'm heading to a salsa bar!


Megan said...

Ooh, they look delish! And I NEVER say 'delish'. For obvious reasons.

I hear you about the granny thing. I taught myself to crochet in Costa Rica, and for ages all I could do was sit and stitch for days on end. I'm not even turning into my grandma - even she didn't learn to crochet.

Salsa bar though! That'll totally cancel out your granniness. You must tell me if your hip replacement gets in the way of your shimmy ;)

Lots of love!

Kelly's Korner said...

Oh yum! You know Mary makes amazing blueberry scones, so that makes them not granny-ish right? I attempted them and they were terrible. So I applaud you!

Yash... said...

Just keep up the practice. We'll need that when you're nursing us through our decrepitude.

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