Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Nachos Are Not Yo's

But you wish they were.
Me gusta guacamole. Es mi amor.*
 *I know it's an Aztec word or something not a Spanish one, but Google translate can only do so much. 

Anyways, I have now perfected my fresh guac recipe and truth be told, the rest of the nachos-package is just an aside for me. An excuse to bring out the good stuff.
You may have noticed my preference for D-list domestic goddess recipes requiring very little effort for a very impressive yield. Why would I want it any other way??

* 3 slightly over-ripe avocados, fork mashed in a large bowl. Mash lightly at first, because the repetitive mixing of all the ingredients below will naturally achieve the right texture.
* Juice of one fresh lime
* Quarter onion, finely chopped
* Six diced cherry tomatoes
* Finely chopped jalapenos
* Two spoonfuls sour cream or greek yoghurt (aka the miracle ingredient that makes you think you're eating unhealthy, and thus yummier, when you're really not)
* Two tablespoons ready-made salsa picante 
* Salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and paprika to taste

I can't tell if this picture is gross or delicious. I apologize either way if it makes you a) vomit or b) hungry.

Thanks to my sister once again for the photos!  BTW she started her own blog now yay!


1 comment:

Yash... said...

The pictures do indeed look gross, but I know the reality is wonderful.

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