Tuesday, January 24, 2012

God Save The Queen

So today is the roommate's birthday. THE BIG 2-2! And she just happens to love the Queen. We're talking, like, abandoning me and one of our visiting high school friends who was in town for the weekend because she realized it was the last day to see an art expo with various paintings of her majesty. We're talking, having a little wind-up plastic toy queen. Maybe she even has a bobblehead [I'm scared to ask].

BTW Mara, if you're reading this, we all love you for it. :)
 So a couple weeks ago when planning her gift, I knew what i had to do. Make a pillow that recreates a British postal stamp of the lovely lady herself! 

I printed and traced the profile from an online stamp collectors' website. [If anyone wants to recreate this pillow, just email me and I'll send you the outline to save you the trouble!]

I then hand-appliqued the profile using an embroidered satin stitch, and a double split stitch for the numbers. The stampy edges are cut and sealed with Fray-Check.

 It was fun, albeit very time consuming with all the tiny hand-stitches.

 How much does it match all my other lovely magical pillows?! Maybe I make one for myself? Maybe seven? When does 'a lot of pillows' become 'too many pillows'? We shall most definitely see...



Megan said...

Oh, come on Jenny, you and I both know there's no such thing as 'too many pillows'. You think the Queen herself has any fewer than several hundred?!

That pillow is gorgeous. All that handstitching looks soooo meticulous and time-consuming! Lucky lucky Mara :)

Happy birthday Mara! (And congratulations on the summer job!)

I do read all these things on Facebook, but responses over there just get lost amongst everyone else's. You know?

Very cute post! Kiss kiss kiss.

Adrienne said...

Love it! You did a great job on it! And it absolutely goes with your union jack pillow, so you need one of your own. And while there might be such a thing as "too many pillows", you are no where near there yet.

Kelly's Korner said...

How cool! That's a great idea and you did a great job making it! Oooh, I just thought Alfred Hitchcock would be fun. Hubby says Abraham Lincoln! Hehe! Fun!

Jennifer said...

Jeennnnnnyyy!! I LOVE the Queen too! I love and am obsessed with all things British monarchy! Especially Elizabeth the 1st. But this Elizabeths profile is the bomb. You did fantastic job! I would love to make this. please?

pearlswirl said...

Aww thanks for the ego-boosting comments everyone! Jen, I'm sending you an email now! :)

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