Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to Reality

So as of yesterday evening, I'm back in my apartment in Edinburgh. Break is over. The spring semester starts tomorrow. Yay? Well, for starters, here in Edinburgh we use the term 'spring' very loosely. It's more like extended winter with slightly longer daytime hours. So there's that to look forward to.

Well seriously, I'm actually feeling quite positive and excited for this semester! All I need is for my lecturers and professors to cooperate with my schedule of hanging out and sleeping in, and I'm golden. 

OK then. 


Right before I left Stuttgart I had to visit my absolute fave bead and useless-cute-things shop. Perlenreich, of course. I couldn't resist capturing all Claudia's cute new displays with my phone. This shop is the stuff of my dreams.

Can you spot me (or part of me) in this?

While there I realized my intense and immediate need to complete one more craft project before starting classes. Don't know why i didn't see it sooner. But luckily I saw some little rugs there and remembered this clutch tutorial, so it was perfect. So quick and easy! I am allll about instant gratification these days. Bad, I know. But it comes and goes in phases.

I LOVE its hippiness. It makes me feel like my name is Rain and my skirt is made of wheat. ;)

Can't wait to wear it out one of these nights!
Being watched by the quality control officer. She was clearly NOT impressed.


Well I'm off to pick up my Christmas present from my adorable boyfriend: a bike!!! EEE all for me! And I hear it's purple! This will save me so much time going to and from campus [Not really. It's a ten minute walk, which is probably as long as it will take me to find a place to lock it up but WHO CARES. Get off my back.] If anyone happens to see a youTube video in the next couple days of the world's slowest/worst bike rider annoying drivers and pedestrians left, right and center, I expect you all to defend me in the comments section. Thanks.


Kelly's Korner said...

The bag is cute! Have fun on your bike!! We'll need some vintagey hippy pics of "Rain" riding her bike in her wheat skirt! :)

Katelyn R. said...

I need to go to that shop, it's so pretty. I love your new clutch, and all the colors! I thought you had actually made a rug at first, so now you are going to have to. Because it would be so cool.

Katelyn R. said...

Oh, and yay for your bike. Mine is pink. Pink and Purple are awesome together. Too bad we won't ever be able to ride together though.

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