Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I'm Looking At Now

Yesterday I made it home for Christmas! :) :) :) 

Cozy time incoming. 
I haven't seen breakfast like this in months. 
This is how I decorated in my Edinburgh apartment. Angry, but festive. :)
We both had super early morning flights so we just didn't go to bed at all the night before. I missed naps! 
We potato-stamped some eco-friendly recycled wrapping paper in Create Society.
I made my mom these votives for Christmas a couple years ago!

Breakfast photo by my sister; sleeping photo by my dad! 


Megan said...

Jenny, your house looks so homey!!! I hope you continue to have a fantastic time with your family and say hi to Madame and Monsieur Jenny Holbrook from me! Oh, and Maddiemoiselle too. :P

Damn, I'm good.


Anonymous said...

sooo lovly!!!!!!!

Yash... said...

These pics are so nice and cozy. Makes me want to live there. Aaaahhh.

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