Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pretty Things from Around the Interwebs

With exams come studying, and with studying comes procrastination, and with procrastination comes, naturally, online window shopping...

I have heard humungous things about this beautiful book. Anyone have it?

These moccasins and this top would look soo good together, no? 

I have always said I wanted to make a plain white bag with colorful Mexican-style embroidery but what's the point when EricaMaree has already made the perfect one...

This fantastic image makes me yearn to go back to NYC.

If I ever found this top leftover in a washing machine I wouldn't even feel slightly bad about keeping it... :)

The element my living room is missing!!! (I'm not even kidding, there's an actual split-in-half teapot hanging from a hook on the wall for added quirk factor.)

This is the perfect dress for spilling mulled wine down your front and getting away with it...

I really want to make a quilt using Anna Maria Horner's newest fabric line Loulouthi.

How beautiful and classy is this gorgeous necklace by ShlomitOfir? I've had my eye on it for months..

All of Minxshop's tops make me drool and the photography is soo pretty and original as well.

I NEEED this owl hat crocheted by my sweet friend Kara.

OK Back to the books... it's even harder to stay motivated right now cause I have to study from home since our entire university has been shut due to intense severe winds. Apparently there was a fear that the windows in the library might shatter? The howling at the window is getting scary... if I make it through the night I'll post again in the morning so people know I haven't blown away.


(This is one of my fave Christmas songs thanks to the amazing Love Actually, which I feel might be an important part of my procrastination routine tonight...)


Megan said...

I love all of these. Especially the dress, the fabric line, the necklace, the shoes and the NYC photograph.

To your taste, I say:

Corinnea said...

very pretty things

Hope you're still safe and sound.

pearlswirl said...

Hahaha, thanks! Aww, I never reposted but I am indeed still here. :)

Katelyn R. said...

Jenny we miss you! I'm assuming the worst since you never reposted... you were a good friend. Don't you hate looking at the pretty things and knowing you'll never own them all! And I like your wreath, it's very you. Seeing all the ones being posted online really makes me want to try one.

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