Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craft Show

In a desperate attempt to find distractions from my current studying responsibilities keep my blog up to date, I realized I never showed photos from my booth at the Adam House Craft Show in November! 

It might be because it was definitely not the best fair I've ever done... last year this show was a much bigger success than this time around... Oh well. LABATYD. ;) No, seriously, I did make a small profit and I just received my check so who's complaining?

Several of my items were unfortunately stolen. :( I have heard of this happening to others but never had it done to me until now. I know it's not the end of the world (in a strange way it's flattering I guess). But ... why? This is not Tiffany & Co. people. This jewelry is not that expensive. I'm no stranger to being short on cash but in those moments I just don't go shopping. Oh well...

I did very much enjoy setting up my display! I used the cake stand display I made here as well as the heart display that I gave a makeover to. It was ugly and brown but I covered it in fabric scraps and my pearlswirl stamp. 
 And thanks to everyone who voted in the poll about how I should make my price tags. As you can see I followed your advice.

And now I suppose I should get back to linguistics. (Consult Fig. 1 for data on how this makes me feel.) 

Figure 1: How studying makes me feel. 


P.S. If you are my aunt, I hope you enjoyed grading those papers. MWAHAHAHA.


Anonymous said...

LOL. oh, I DID enjoy grading those papers...and I enjoyed even more when I finished on Sunday and posted the grades. You're not still studying for exams are you? I see you MWAHAHAHAHA and raise you a BWAHHAHAHAHAHA! :)

Megan said...

Jenny, I'm so sorry to hear that people stole from you!!!

Honestly, that has really affected my mood. :(

Shame on you! :P Just kidding.

But seriously, I have spent the last five months telling people that the beauty of handmade is that you get to tell the recipient all about the maker and there's this personal connection to it all. Who wants to receive a gift that some real person has taken the time to hand-labour and then their scummy little nephew has grabbed from their lovely, Pearlswirly, fairy-lit table?!

I'm really taken aback. I guess I kind of thought handmade stuff would be immune to thieves. I mean, if you're stealing, why not steal from scummy stores to match your scummy personality?

I just wish people were honest and kind to each other. Why can't people just do that? It's so easy, I've tried it.


On a lighter note, I love how you put your business card in your cute spirally photo frame; and on an even brighter note, see you in four days!!!!!


P.S. I'm so sorry people stole from you, btw.

Megan said...

Hey, Jenny, I was just looking at Fig. 1....

Did you, by any chance, reorganize your room as a way of distracting yourself from studying?

pearlswirl said...

Ahhh Tarisa just one day til I'm feeeneeeshed! I cannot wait!

And Megan, seriously that's so sweet, but it's OK. just a reality of life. :( And I actually rearranged my room a couple months ago! But now you've given me an idea...

Anonymous said...

good luck with your final school stuff! we're off again to NYC for the weekend and only wish that you and D. were there to share it with us!

Kelly's Korner said...

Very nice! I like the new tags! Your mom brought in some new pretty things to the shop too. Very nice!

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