Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Wreath

Last week in Create Society we made Christmas wreaths! The committee bought real styrofoam bases for this but we felt bad using up one of them to make a sample so I volunteered to make one from scratch. I adore challenges like this where I have to repurpose and transform things I already have around my apartment.

I used old packing styrofoam from my printer box and cut a wreath shape out using one large plate for the outside form and a saucer for the inside. It's about 6-7 inches wide (judging not by a ruler but by the subway sandwich i was eating at the time).

The sample worked perfectly and hopefully inspired a few people that afternoon. Not that anyone needed inspiration. I'm always so impressed what people design and make in 2 hours. I <3 Create Society.

[I don't remember this being taken but i appear to have wrapped myself in vintage lace for meditation purposes?? That does sound like something i would do...]

I wrapped ribbon, twine, yarn, and fabric scraps around the ring form. For a smooth no-sewing way to attach the ribbons, I would jab a small hole with a pencil tip into the styrofoam, fill it with glue, then stuff the end of the ribbon in with the pencil tip. So easy! 

It unintentionally ended up being Scottish themed because that's all the ribbon I have lying around. A lot of the weddings I work at have traditional Scottish decor like thistles on the tables and tartan ribbon centerpieces etc. You would be amazed how many brides only care about these things on the day of their wedding and are happy to let hundreds of organza gift bags and expensive ribbons end up in the trash at the end of their special day. That thought is sooo strange to me. You paid for it, why not save it and use it??? Whatever, I'm building up quite a collection just of things that I rescued from being thrown out! [For clarification this ribbon was never actually in the trash... just headed there.]

After an all-nighter last night finishing a paper I finally turned in this morning, I am soooo badly craving Christmas break. I still have one essay and two exams to go, but at least i can breathe for a few days now before I launch back in. Lots of Christmas parties, mulled wine, and hopefully some crafting... I have more things to show soon and also I won an exciting blog award!!



Megan said...

HAHAHA I think this is my favourite sentence that I've read all day:

'It's about 6-7 inches wide (judging not by a ruler but by the subway sandwich i was eating at the time)'.

You're the best.

I love the wreath! Oh so Scottish and wonderful. It almost makes me homesick. I'm wizarding lots of calm and studious vibes your way to get you through the exam season, and also I think we should be able to swing something on the morning of the 17th so I can give you hugs for the festive season!


Niki of Red and Purple said...

This Christmas wreath looks really great. I like the idea of making it with ribbons!:)
x, Niki

Corinnea said...

Very cute!
I think it's great that you rescue all the lovely stuff destined for the trash!

Kelly's Korner said...

Very cute! I like your ribbon rescue, and your yummy way of measuring things! :)

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