Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rust & Gold

My Rust & Gold Bracelet was featured in two treasuries over the last few days! This is always a surefire confidence boost, knowing how many gorgeous items there are on etsy, and someone managed to find and decided to use mine. yay! Nothing like tooting one's own horn a bit to really get the day started right. Now I'm off to the library to read and write about absolute neutralization and phoneme theory in generative phonology. I wish i had any idea what it meant though.... :(

See this one here

See this one here.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who voted on my poll below. If you didn't yet, could you please? Pretty please? Pretty please with everyone's favorite candied fruit on top?


Megan said...

How's this for a confidence boost?


Adrienne said...

Woot!! :)

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