Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gift Certificate Mega Sale!

I’m soo excited to present a new deal that I’m offering in my shop: 25% off the cost of gift certificates, which can later be redeemed for their full value towards items in my shop! This is a fabulous idea for great value Christmas presents, as well as for yourself. Take a look at them here.

Get a certificate worth:        But pay: 

                                                           $10                       $7.50
                                                           $20                        $15
                                                           $30                      $22.50
                                                           $50                      $37.50
                                                          $100                       $75

 Basically, if you think you might EVER buy something from Pearlswirl shop, then this is the deal for you, because gift certificates do not expire, and this guarantees you a 25% off sale whenever you decide to redeem it. 

I can also do any other denomination you might want, and I can break a larger one up into smaller ones (ie. one $100 certificate can turn into 5 x $20 = 5 x happy friends! Or 3 x happy friends and a doubly happy you!)
I will email you a .pdf document with the 'certificate' (which can be printed for gift-giving) and there will be a code printed on it, to enter in at checkout. I can also email it to another person directly for you, and I can also send hard copies through the mail to the address of your choice as well. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

This will only run for a short amount of time! 


I know this song is waay different from the usual songs I post, but I don't fit into any boxes, music-wise. I am a huge PF fan, and this song is perfection to me. That solo starting at 4:40... I've had that on non-stop repeat for the last 4 days. It helps me relax when the stress piles up. Enjoy.

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