Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Power Off

Sometimes I feel too computer-focused you know? Especially now that the semester has started back up again and I have soooo much reading to do. A lot of it is on the computer (online articles, digitized versions of textbooks etc.), which is good on one hand because it saves a ton on money (cash that could be better spent on pretty and enjoyable things. Or food.) But on the other hand it leaves me feeling tired with a headache and sore eyes. So... to get into a more relaxed mindset (read: to procrastinate), what do I do? Naturally I edit some of my photos in iphoto so I can upload them to my online shop, browse through some of the other shops, read some blogs, write a blog post (thanks to Jennifer for helping me with enlarging pictures!) catch up on all my emails, etc. It's too much! When will the computer madness stop??? It's ironic that I found these gorgeous prints below on one of these etsy browsings (a word I just made up?) but I really love them! The computer is unfortunately a necessity in my life these days, but I would totally adore having these three prints framed in a row above my desk. It might motivate me to finish up my reading faster so I can go hug some attention-needing trees. 

These are made by the incredibly talented Laura George on Etsy. I just love her cute illustrations and witty comments.

I particularly like this last one. In your face, Mark Zuckerberg!!


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Megan said...

I totally feel you. You have no idea how much it hit me that I depend - and I mean DEPEND - on the internet as soon as I reached this tenuously-connected country.

And I so want that second real-life friend print! Makes me so proud to have quit Facebook.

And yet I still spend every hour of every day online. What have I achieved, exactly? : /


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