Friday, October 7, 2011

A Little Autumn 'Collection'

I've never done a collection or line or anything seasonal before, because it always feels silly to me when small, non-established shops or sellers do this -- like you're taking yourself too seriously. I'm not bagging on anyone, it's just something I always hated the idea of doing, for fear of being seen like I think too highly of myself or the jewelry I make. Which I know is my own issue. Nevertheless, over the past few days I've been making a lot and have found a steady stream of inspiration in the colors and sensations of this autumn season. Without really aiming to, I have actually made a cohesive set of pieces that work really well as a group, so I decided to have a bit of fun with the photos and present this as my fist little 'collection'. Get ready for natural elements like feathers, leaves, earthy tones, and a birdie friend or two...

Soft Sundown Flight Necklace

Rust and Gold Bracelet

Fall Filigree Necklace
 Crisp Evening Earrings

Sunset Dreamer Necklace

Bye Bye Birch Earrings

 Southbound Journey Necklace

Lucky Feather Earrings

These will go up for sale in my shop early next week; if you see something you want to reserve just let me know in a comment or by emailing 

Tidings of hot-water-bottles, quilts, and general coziness!


Corinnea said...

Nicely done. You've always had a lovely style, I am not surprised you naturally developed a collection!

Adrienne said...

So many lovelies! I especially love the Southbound Journey. :)

Megan said...

What a gorgeous collection, and so very Pearlswirl!

I think this was a great non-idea. If I were to pick a season for your jewellery to suit to a tee, it would definitely be autumn - my favourite season! Too bad we don't have it here : (

Great work!

Megan said...

Also, my favourite is the sunset dreamer one. I love when you have little beads dangling in ring-shapes!

lizy said...

lovely collection, Well Done! You are very talented Miss Jenny so don't cut yourself short. You are just as good or better than the big established shops ;)LOVE them all, but my fab is Southbound Journey.

Yash... said...

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I'm amazed at your shop photography. I especially love Rust and Gold Bracelet (and the bracelet is nice, too!). Way to go!

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