Friday, October 21, 2011

Genoa Getaway

 Davide and I had a short but super sweet time together last week. We took a roadtrip and stopped at Cinque Terre (in Liguria), with one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen! It's like a super-scenery all-in-one package deal: mountains and bright blue Mediterranean sea and sweet hilltop villages all in one place! If you can't afford three vacations just take this one and you'll get it all! ;) Oh also, whereas we here in Scotland have SNOW forecast for next week, there it was 26, 27 degrees (80ish!) and sunny! We spent a day in the park drinking wine and playing Trivial Pursuit. Which I WON both times... I'm just saying... although he's probably not reading this anyways so what's the point...

 Manarola, one of the "Cinque Terre" (5 earths - 5 villages practically hanging into the sea from off a mountain!)

 A sweet love bench... this place was so romantic and beautiful!

Don't you wish you lived here??!?!?!

I would now like to draw your attention to this pizza. Easily the largest I have ever eaten. Look at the wine glass for reference! It was hanging off the plate and onto the table...
 Our actual roadtrip was to Genoa, the pesto capital (also some nice old buildings and stuff but mostly the pesto, which was the besto--oh lame pun! I went there...)


Old (the building on the left is attached to the house where Christopher Columbus was supposedly born!)...

 ... meets new! This is part of the huge aquarium they have overlooking the ancient port... loads of exotic fishies... within meters of being free!! If only they could swim through the walls, poor guys... :) It was a really nice aquarium though.
 I always wonder how the millions of Italians whose underwear is inevitably in the snapshots of every single tourist, must feel...

Flying back home over the beautiful Alps ...

I traipsed all around Italy with pain in my foot that I found out today, is actually a broken toe! But it was sooo worth it! 

I am SO lucky I get to travel so much! Thank you Ryanair! You're far from perfect but i love you anyways!



Megitan said...

Oh, Jenny, so beautiful!

I think I am getting the hang of this not-being-jealous-just-so-happy-for-you thing.

Ok, you caught me, I am jealous.

Sounds wondrous! What gorgeous photos too! My faves are the first and the fourth. I love travelling! We are so blessed.

Lots of love,
'Megitan' as they are now calling me here.

Adrienne said...

Gorgeous pictures, as always, Jenny! You make me so envious of all the wonderful places you get to go and things you get to see and do. I'm living vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing!

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