Saturday, October 1, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps

Warning: this is a very photo-heavy post. If you've had trouble using blogger at all today, it is likely because I was hogging the entire bandwidth (did I use that right?) uploading these 38 photos. It is a feat in itself that I managed to narrow down my 800-something photos from our week in NYC to only these ones; i hope you'll agree they are a good representation of our amaaaaaaazing trip!

We've arrived!!! Yass!

Our first night; that big building with all the flags is our hotel. The location (two blocks from Times Square) and the price were perfect but don't be fooled by their website... it's not a luxurious hotel at all. It was ideal for us though! It just depends what you're looking for...

Le Times Square!

Chelsea Market for lunch, a.k.a. where the trendy rich kids come to play..

How New York is this?!

The beautiful Flatiron Building, and one of the nicest districts of the city.

Empire State Building (currently the tallest building in the city).

A bit of midday tomfoolery...

The Burger Joint, an unlikely greasy burger shack connected to the lobby of a super nice hotel, widely described as The Best Burger in New York. I was personally a wee bit disappointed, but I think I may have been expecting the supernatural.

Le Times Square again!

This cahp was so Noo Yahkk.


Doing my best Tina Fey.

How cute is he?! At the Grand Central Station underground food court where I had a yummmmmmmmmy Cuban sandwich.

My aunts Tarisa and Judy (Jooody) came up for the weekend to see us and took us to this fabulous Broadway show and an amazing dinner in SoHo. This is the only snap I got since taking pictures inside was illegal or whatever. But thanks guys! It was sooo great seeing you!

How New York is this?!

Gray's Papaya, The Best Hot Dog in New York. This time I was NOT disappointed. I just wish that little girl weren't giving me the evil eye...

We's in Chinatown now...

Bored while waiting to get a table at Great N.Y. Noodletown in Chinatown. Davide was reading through the menu in Chinese (as you do when you're a Chinese student after all) and my mind tends to wander when he starts explaining all the characters to me. I wonder which of us is more intelligent.

Stuffed my face til I looked like this:
. .
( _ )

How New York is this?!

Chrysler Building in all its magnificence. This is definitely my favorite skyscraper. A weird thing to say if you've never been to NY (or Hong Kong), but once you go, one automatically sticks out as your favorite i think.

Both loving Brooklyn.

Bit o' Brooklyn Bridge.

The magnificent view across East River from Brooklyn into Manhattan. Just breathtaking. Wow. Possibly my favorite thing we did.

Yankee Stadium Bronx!!!!!!

Obligatory frank.

We managed to get last minute 5-buck tickets for a game, but unfortunately it was delayed for hours due to rain and we were both soaked and cold so we had to go back before it resumed (in fairness we did wait over 2 hours). :(

How New York is this?!

People seemed to be making a big deal out of this little statue for some reason.

The bull from all the movies is real!

I love this one (photo cred to Davide).

We had Korean BBQ in Koreatown!!

Inside the U.N. headquarters General Assembly. Such an impressive place.

From the top of the Empire State Building. Woah.

I <3 you, Manhattan. I'll be back soon.


Kelly's Korner said...

Um... has your comment box always said that?

Awesome trip pics and narration!!!!

Adrienne said...

Holy cow, that's horrible! The comment box thing, I mean. The post is awesome. It's so neat to see pictures of you in all those places; New York is about as real to me as the movies, and it's just so cool to see people I know actually *there*. Glad you had such a great time! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

pearlswirl said...

Oh, ladies! No intention to offend. It's a harmless wee joke existing on the internet. :) You know I love cats! But i also love a sense of humor with a bit of edge.

Thanks for the NY love!

Yash... said...

GREAT pictures!!! And it looks like you had a good time. And for the record, I think the comment is funny.

But anyway, I think you might have mislabeled the pictures of the Square thing. See here:



Anonymous said...

AWESOMENESS. Love those pictures. Guess who!

lizy said...

So fun! you took Wonderful pictures that really capture the amazing time you had on your trip ;) Thanks for sharing

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