Sunday, October 30, 2011

Votes please!

For the third year in a row I'll be selling at the Adam House Cancer Research UK Craft and Jewelry Fair (although i still can't bring myself to write 'jewellery' the British way... haha..)

The last two years were relatively successful, so I'm really excited to get out again and sell my stuff at a fair! They must love me over there by now.

I want to change my price tags a bit from the ones I normally use. People told me last year that the tags were really pretty and it was a shame that they had to remove them before giving my jewelry as gifts because the price was written on them (which is kind of the point of a price tag to begin with, it has to be said.) Nevertheless, I see where they're coming from so I had a few ideas to fix that for this year and i need your lovely opinions on the matter! There is a poll embedded into this post, please cast your vote (once only!). I realize this is probably not an urgent, sleep-depriving issue for you like it certainly is for me, but if you could still be so kind. There should be a space to write your own idea if you're foolish enough to think you have one better than mine. Start warming up your clicking fingers and get your voting on!


1. The old style I normally use. Perhaps older is better? 

 2. First, this one has a perforated tearable tab with the price and code. I was so happy coming up with this idea, that way people can leave the tag on if they choose. Second, it's white because I got a bit tired of the sensory overload of the colored papers I normally use, thinking they might look a bit childish? White is more classy. (It will be on cardstock, not printer paper). Third, I used the logo from my etsy shop, rather than the pearlswirl rubber stamp I normally use, because that's the logo I'll have on my business cards. But I could also do this style with the old stamp as well. 

3. Same as the one above but on printed cardstock (all different kinds). Thanks to la lovely flatmate Mara for pointing out that my printer would still print this on the colored paper. (I'm not so savvy.) The paper pattern and color scheme will be matched to the colors in the jewelry obviously. Again this could also be done with the old stamp font as well as the new one.

4. Again with the new logo and perforated tab, but this one will hang on a type of pegboard rather than be attached to the clasp with string. This wouldn't work for all types (ie. earrings) though. If I end up using this option it will just be some necklaces and bracelets. Again could do it with the old stamp/colored paper as well. Ahhh too many choices!! 

Thanks for humoring helping me! And you can also leave comments/suggestions in the comments box.  

P.S. I chose that picture for inside the poll box because it looks like me hunched over in the middle of the night making jewelry and not sleeping. True story. 


1 comment:

Megan said...

Goodness gracious, is it that time of year again? The best of luck in your jewelLERY-selling activities! :P

I would stick with the patterned paper if that's what your customers have been commenting on and saying they want to leave on the gift. Plus, I just love all your patterny paper and wish I could paper my walls with it. But I also love the new logo and am a firm believer in continuity (especially since my new awareness of the concept of branding, thanks to my marketing workshop :P), so I'd go for 3 if I were you.

Again, best of luck; and if you see my mum passing by, tell her I've authorized you to guarantee recipient-satisfaction if she buys me a Pearlswirl product for my 20th birthday ;)

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