Friday, September 16, 2011

Burrito Evolution

The Story Of A Girl And Her Burrito From Chipotle Mexican Grill.

"Damn straight. I am on vacation wearing my I <3 NY t-shirt and I am about to dig into this delicious steak burrito from Chipotle. This moment is perfect."

My Mexican Fiesta begins. What a pretty sight.

Better wipe my face lest this adventure makes me undesirable in some way.

Scratch that undesirable comment. This is getting messy.

Chipotle, why you make me cryyyyyy?

Literally eating the remnants off my hand. I (may have) also licked the tinfoil. Vacation time = no shame time.

The final step of the evolution.
(found here)

The End


As you may have guessed, this burrito evolution is from my trip to NYC last week! I'm now back and slowly settling into reality and I'm so jealous of last-week-Jenny, the Jenny in the photos (even the one where she looks like gollum) because that Jenny was on vacation wearing her I <3 NY t-shirt and eating lots of messy things and this-week-Jenny just finished four loads of laundry, including her WINTER COAT which will be getting a lot of use before September is even finished. :(

More photos of the trip somewhere distant on the horizon. I won't say 'soon' because I'm not a liar.



Jennifer said...

I want to see more photos and here all about your other adventures!! Did you eat at that really cool, hole-in-the-wall, local resturaunt called something like McDonalds? I think that's the name. Only the locals know about it..and me:)

Adrienne said...

So much fun! The cow is too funny. More pictures!!

Kelly's Korner said...

Can't wait to see all the fun!

Megan said...

Dammit Jenny, why you tease us with your oh-so-Holbrook wit and charm and then make us wait and wonder how full of joy and happiness the stories of your even-more-exciting-than-Chipotle adventures will be??????


lizy said...

Jenny you are so funny! I love reading you blog, it cracks me up!!! Glad that you had an AMAZING time :)PICTURES plEeeeeaAAAssseeeeeee :) Love the cow..... Reminds of me when I am bloated, lol.

Yash... said...

What goes on in New York, burrito-wise, stays in New York.


Jenni Austria Germany said...

just found this via link within and am loving it. can totally relate.

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