Monday, August 29, 2011

Panda Bread!

A couple days ago my sister sent me this link to a recipe for panda bread. This is literally a loaf of bread with a panda face inside in front of some bamboo. Naturally I went ballistic for the cuteness.

I never made bread before, so maybe one that requires three different rounds of dough-kneading and airhole-punching was not the best way to start. It was hard. And took me a loooong time. This was supposed to be a surprise for my panda-loving boyfriend but he came over halfway through to a very stressed-out me. It was taking way longer than it should to rise (maybe I skimped on yeast? Or maybe my apartment was too cold...) and we had a minor mouse-in-the-kitchen situation (this is unavoidable in all old Edinburgh tenement flats even the spotless ones).
So it was 4 am by the time I took it out of the oven and we munched it with an episode of The Inbetweeners.

Panda factory.

A panda is born! I always thought fresh-from-the-oven bread would be better but the taste and texture was waaaaay better this morning after it had hardened and cooled (it was very dense and didn't rise properly). People who make bread: is this normal?? The brown is made with cocoa powder but I personally think it ruins the taste a bit since the other two colors weren't flavored.

I would definitely make bread again cause it made the house smell soo good and gave me some domestic goddess mojo. I might even try this bread again but not til I master how to make light and fluffy dough!

Not perfect but sooo cute and quite yummy!



Adrienne said...

It's adorable! You're such a sweet girlfriend. What kind of bread is it??

Kelly's Korner said...

AW! It's so cute! As an aside, I LOOOVE that mug! Way cool! Did the recipe call for the cocoa? I have a bread recipe that uses a blend of food colorings to make it a deep rich brown color. It doesn't change the flavor of that bread, but it's a honey wheat bread so it has a strong flavor anyway. I'm not very good at bread.... mine is always flat unless I use a bread maker.

pearlswirl said...

Thanks ladies!

Adrienne, it's a regular sandwich loaf, heavy but simple. And yes, i like to think i am! :)

And Kelly thanks! I have to say, the mug belongs to my roommate from last year who's now off trekking Costa Rica but i feel like her act of leaving the mug was like giving me the a-ok to keep if for myself! haha. Yes the recipe called for cocoa, and also technically for green tea powder for the green but i didn't have that so used food coloring and i'm glad cause i don't think the two tastes would mix well together at all... it's good to hear other people have the 'flat' problem as well.

Corinnea said...

That is very cute bread! If you can eat it, it's good! I used to make turtle shaped bread for the kids... yum.

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