Monday, June 20, 2011

You Know You're Procrastinating When...

... you reorganize your closet so the COLORS MATCH. But you know you're just pathetic when you enjoy looking at it so much that you think the entire blog world should get a peek too. 30% procrastination, 70% CRAZY.

(after closer inspection on my computer monitor, i see that the colors don't even look that good. WTF.)

"But procrastination from what?" you ask. Packing. For a mini Italy-Germany trip starting tomorrow, and then a maxi Romania trip for the whole of July. That's right folks. I get the awesome opportunities to travel to all these amazing places, visiting family on the first trip and then volunteering to teach English with friends in Romanian summer schools while being hosted for free (with the supercool Scroll program). It's the dream. And here I am, after weeks of excitement and mental planning (read: "this dress is adorable! I must have it for Romania!"), not diligently making lesson plans or final arrangements, but sitting here reorganizing my clothes and BLOGGING about it.

The depths I have sunk to.

I'm also mildly terrified at the prospect of being alone in front of a class of students who could very well call me a stupid ugly cow TO MY FACE in a language I don't understand, but find beautiful. So at least I'll enjoy hearing it.



On a lighter note, there are still two hours to take advantage of the Super Massive Weekend Sale at pearlswirl! Go on, click the link. Three cheers for consumerism!! :) (Obviously it doesn't count if it's handmade.)

[EDIT: The shop is now closed until August. Thanks all for supporting the sale! The travel money will be put to good use! :) ]


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Kara Forristall said...

Well well well. you and I have something else in common. I did the SAME THING TODAY! clothes in closet by color... weird! Have fun traveling (ps I'm procrastinating from packing too, but for out final move, yikes!)

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