Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Wee French-Seamed Tote Bag And A Mini Panic Attack

I made this tote bag for my roommate who is about to jet off to Costa Rica for six months to work as part of her degree. She's soo excited. And she, much like me, enjoys projecting herself into cute little romantic scenarios (ie. "leisurely strolling through the farmer's market in San Jose on a Saturday morning". she never said that at all but I can imagine she was thinking it). So when she told me she liked this special edition Amy Butler fabric that my friend Tina bought me, i knew she would need a tote bag made from it for all the real or imagined cantelopes she would buy there.

I kind of taught myself french seams with this bag. It's not that i was trying to or that they're particularly difficult or anything. I just tried to think what would be a nice neat way of finishing the seams without a lining (so it can be light and easily folded up and thrown in the bottom of her rucksack for when she's climbing volcanoes or whatever). I came up with a method i was quite happy with and when I saw the end result there was a moment of "oooooooohhh, so that's how to do french seams".

It's such a simple design but I love it!

She gave me this gorgeous book she made in a book-binding class. Isn't it beautiful!?

Sorry about the bad photos, but nothing about my last few weeks has been well thought-through.

I came back from my vacation two days ago and I'm leaving tomorrow for Romania for a month. I can't believe it; I'm so excited and nervous and all those things! At this point I'm mostly just dreading the getting there: i leave with my friend on a 5:45 am bus from Edinburgh to London (that takes 9 hours, thank you very much), spend the day in London and the night in the airport. We take off at 7:45 am the next day for Cluj (that's 26 hours after we leave home if you weren't keeping track). But unfortunately it has to be done this way because there's only one airport in the UK that flies to where we're going and we'd rather save money for experiencing things over there than on just travel.

I don't know how frequently I'll be able to update my blog but I'm hoping to turn it into a travel-style blog, writing posts about what this experience is like and what I'm discovering, so stay tuned!

But tonight Davide is taking me out to the best Thai restaurant in the world as an early birthday celebration (since my actual bday will be in Romania) and as usual I'm running late on getting ready, so i best be off. Let the adventures begin!


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Megan said...


I totally love it, and I love that you mentioned me in your blog :) Sweet post, too.

Peace out bro.

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