Friday, June 17, 2011

Super Massive Weekend Sale!

I come bearing exciting news today! Some of you might know I'm getting ready to do some traveling. This means I'll be closing Pearlswirl shop on Tuesday June 21st for all of July, and reopening some time in early August. And you can't blame a girl for wanting to go out with a bang!

Cue exciting news. For the whole of this weekend (starting AS SOON AS YOU READ THIS and finishing Monday night/Tuesday morning at 00:00 GMT) I am running a huge sale in the shop! For every necklace or bracelet that you buy, you get any pair of earrings absolutely free (you can also choose the one keychain in the shop as your free item if you prefer)! Just add both items to your cart and proceed with the whole transaction in PayPal, and I will reimburse the cost of the earrings through PayPal! Is this not amazing news indeed?!

(Please note, this offer does not include the Hearts for Japan Necklace, from which 100% of the proceeds made when sold will be donated directly to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.)

But wait! There's more! If my sales hit or exceed 125 (they currently stand at 115), then every person who participates in the sale will receive a $5 gift certificate to redeem in the shop after it reopens in August!

And, as usual, there is free worldwide shipping on all orders!

I wish I didn't own the shop, that way I could take advantage of this deal too. Guess I'll have to live vicariously through all of you! :)


1 comment:

Adrienne said...

Fun!!! Enjoy your travels, and good luck with your sale. :)

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