Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Finally Turned Twenty...

That is, I finally finished my Turning Twenty Quilt, which is rather appropriate timing since I started it right after turning twenty and my twenty-first birthday is in just a few weeks... between starting and finishing this one, I completed a whole other quilt, but this lack of logic is just how I roll.

What needed to be done was just machine-attaching the binding and hand-sewing it on since Katelyn so graciously long-arm-quilted this for me last summer!

Have been sleeping under it for almost a year with no binding for no particular reason, but then I got inspired to finish it!

Such beautiful mitered corners...

I do love it so!

This video disturbs me slightly but the song is sooo good! So hit play and switch your browser window to something else so you can hear but don't have to watch! ;)

Happy hump day all!

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