Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stirling Daytrip

Now that I'm done with exams Davide and I are trying to see a bit more of Scotland so off we went to Stirling for the day. It was so nice!

(I look like a deer-in-headlights/possessed wax figure but I stupidly didn't take any pics of the Wallace Sword on its own.)

When the sky looks like the pictures above and you're sitting in a cozy pub having lunch it's hard to pull yourself away and head back into the wind to explore more, so perhaps we didn't see as much of Stirling as we could have.... but at least we were warm. JUST KIDDING, THIS IS SCOTLAND.

From the top of the Wallace Monument (second photo down). This is the monument dedicated to Scottish hero William Wallace, more commonly known as Mel Gibson, who technically butchered the history, but you just love it anyways. I mean who, after their final summer exam, hasn't felt the urge to paint their face blue and white and run around shouting FREEEEEDDOOOMMMMM! Let us not forget we have Mel to thank for that gem.

Stirling in the distance. The view was worth the gale-force winds.

Cheesy self-timer tourist shot.

Taken at Stirling's historic castle jail. This photo strangely mirrors the one below that we took at the Edinburgh Dungeon. In case it's unclear, that's actually me eagerly preparing to chop off his head (actually I look quite like the infamous Mel in this one) ... I wonder what a shrink would say about that...



Adrienne said...

Fun!!!! I wish I had gotten to see Scotland while we were in Europe.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! i dream of visiting scotland one day.

Yash... said...

You're so funny. Enjoy these blog entries immensely!

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