Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eleven Things To Do When You Should Be Studying...

(Disclaimer: The following is loosely based on a combination of real-life events.)

1. Paint your nails. These babies are gonna do a lot of exam writing in the next few weeks--you owe it to them to make them fabulous.

2. Take various pictures of your study notes and you with PhotoBooth.

3. Look at the PhotoBooth pictures and realize that turquoise was a bad nail color choice. It's hideous, what were you thinking? Now you have to fix them. And this time with top-coat.

4. Oh look! You're the millionth visitor to megavideo and you've won 17 free iPads! WOOOHOO.

5. OK so you didn't win the iPads but now you've stumbled onto shoe-shopping at Ruche and yes, these wedges would look amazing on you! You must have them.

6. Clearly your toenails will need to be painted if you want to begin envisioning yourself in the Ruche shoes.

7. So.. your bank balance does not support your plan to buy shoes. But oh! To make some money you should create, photograph and list lots of new jewelry for sale in your etsy shop!

8. But wait-- you're out of brass toggle clasps. This won't do. Run to The Gallery BeadShop to get more.

9. You may have stopped at Subway on the way back from the bead place to get a Sub of the Day you weren't hungry for because it looked so good. ugghh... soo... full... But it could always be worse. For instance you could be studying right now.

10. Write a blog post detailing your currently pathetic existence for the whole world to read.

11. Oh that's the door! Your roommate is home. Time for a 5-hour study break and a cup of tea where you'll proceed to complain about how tired you are from all the studying. It's your right.

UGHHH I hate exams.


Kelly's Korner said...

HA! That was hilarious! Good luck with the actual studying! :)

Yash... said...

If you give a moose a muffin... Or maybe it should be, "If you give a creative funnygirl a venue..."

Corinnea said...

At least your style of procrastination is funny! Good luck!

Megan said...


More honoured and appreciated I have never felt.

This post made me lol (inside my head).


Anonymous said...

I am also procrastinating, but I get a cool new necklace out of the deal! :) -Tiffany

Adrienne said...

Blogs need "like" buttons, like on Facebook. This was hilarious!

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