Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Window Shopping

I ran into this gorgeous display the other day downtown in the window of Galeria Kaufhof. I had to stop and capture the beauty of this homewares display... I might be the only 20-year-old who is mesmerized by old birdcages, flowery pillows and antique sewing machines ... but I am ok with that.

I edited these right before I went to bed and then dreamed that my dad found me an antique Pfaff machine "at the thrift store for only 40 bucks and I knew you had to have it". Waking up Pfaff-less was rough.


1 comment:

Mary A. said...

Yeah, I love those windows to. It's sooo my style, no man will ever want to share a space with me =)

Thanks for the super nice comment yesterday. It had me feeling good all day =)

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