Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Relaxed, Much?

You know that feeling when you're home for spring break and everyone in your family's off at work and you get to wake up when you're good and ready to wake up.

And the sun is shining and you decide to sit in a lawn chair in the backyard under the sun for a while with lemon juice in your hair because you have that generic brownish hair you want to lighten but you can't afford highlights.

And then later you decide to do the dishes just because being back in a house with a dishwasher is a true luxury.

After that you sit on the couch, slightly to the left of the ideal sunlit spot, because naturally the cat has claimed that spot for herself. But when she sees you sit down in the shadows she leaves her optimum spot to come sit on your lap instead. This is how you know you are special.

Later in the afternoon you might make some jewelry for your online shop, or perhaps you might not... you don't have to.. But you probably will because you want to.

Next, perhaps you'll paint your nails and watch an episode of Big Bang Theory while they dry. You think back with horror, then delight, at the copious amounts of coursework you struggled to complete mere days earlier. It seems soo far...

And after that, because the days are getting longer, there will still be enough natural light for you to photograph the new jewelry and list it in your shop.

You'll hang out, eat some chocolate, and drink some whisky with your dad while discussing "life" or whatever, and before you know it, the oh-so-rare but oh-so-perfect day will be over.

Today felt like this.
Found here.

Wishing you much peace, relaxation, and time to enjoy the little things.

1 comment:

Corinnea said...

Perfect day much?? Glad you're wise enough to cherish moments like that!

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