Friday, April 1, 2011


I present to you a (nearly) wordless travel post. Some might see this as cheating (particularly the parts where I link to wikipedia so I don't have to explain!). I myself see it a bit that way. But who doesn't love to look at pictures without dull reading?! Plus sometimes I feel like i talk too much.


*At the start of the first day, when our feet still felt capable of taking steps.
*Mannekin Pis. Famous. Small. Naked.

* Grand Place. Breathtaking and ornate. UNESCO world heritage site!
* Royal Palace of Brussels. Palace-y. (You know that's how you feel about palaces too...)


* Belfry of Bruges: This gorgeous bell tower is the icon and pride of Bruges.
* Quaint and Adorable Square: enough said.
* Market Square: Look at the houses! look!!


* Bubbles At Home: Best soap shop ever which almost had me wanting to taste the soaps, which, to the best of my knowledge, is a universal guy thing (whether they admit it or not). But it has to be preeettttty delicious-scented to get one of our own gender to that stage.
* Dandoy Chocolate Shop. YUM YUM. (I even did splash out for a wee bag of fancy truffles at Godiva! Totally worth it.)


* Nun-Beer: For eternal salivation.

CONCLUSION (why am I treating this like a lab report?)

We had a great time in Brussels but I would say it's not the most beautiful city I've visited architecturally/historically nor the most atmospheric culturally. I (we) just didn't get that vibe of "this city is soooo cool!" I think it would probably be amazing if you were with someone local who could show you around and take you to all the best spots. Also, the weather totally sucked for us. But it was still a nice time! We did find some awesome bars and restaurants and had nice walks and saw pretty markets and churches (and I ate my chocs) and all other pleasant touristy things.

But Bruges, which we only took a day trip to, was SOOOO pretty! If you've ever seen In Brugesyou know what I mean. Despite the guns and shooting and minor unpleasantness of the movie, it still makes you want to go to Bruges! Which I did! And i loved it! and you will too...

(hope this video works!)


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Corinnea said...

Bruges is one of my all time favorite cities (towns?). I wish I could have gone back more. Did NOT do enough shopping while there. Went to the best tea shop ever, twice, in one day. Talked with lace makers, watched them work AH. MAZ. ING. Got the ubiquitous tapestry. Did not have enough beer. Godiva chocolate in Belgium, totally, wonderfully better than in the US. Wow, thank Jenny for making me miss it more! ha ha glad you had a good time....

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