Sunday, February 6, 2011

Exciting Things, etc.

I just ordered this book for myself to celebrate hitting 85 sales in my store. I know it's not really a milestone number, but when you are trying to justify buying something, it's easy to turn a "whatever" into an "Oh my God, good for me!" I'm so excited to get it! Does anyone have it? what are your opinions?? Actually, no, scratch that. ONLY tell me you have it and offer up your opinion if you actually love it and are happy with the purchase. I don't want to be brought down. If you bought it and hated it, shut thy mouth please.

Also, I got a job! I am working as Event Catering Staff for Prestige People Scotland, a company that caters all manner of fancy events, and we are the people that come in dressed all snazzy (including the white gloves that make the plates so slippery and almost - but just almost - cause you to drop them) and serve up delicious gourmet food to guests of the events. It's a pretty big deal. I'M a pretty big deal. It's no Patch multi-crafts (obviously) but it is fun and we do get to eat the food that wasn't served afterwards.

Also, my mom bought me this top for Christmas and I just wanted to give the seller a little plug here because the top is amazing and I love it! I've worn it several times and even though it has a delicate look it can be washed in the machine with other light colors--yay! Have worn it several times but there are no good pictures of me in it, so here is the etsy shop picture.


- Hot-water-saving technique: I discovered this the other day and my life will never be the same. If you adjust the shower head so that it sits just above your head when you wash your hair, you can actually save hot water because the water will seem much hotter to you as it immediately pours out than it would when it has to go 6 or 8 inches before it reaches your head. Thus you can turn the temperature down and still feel the same warm/scalding (as you like it) watery rushy sensation of shower happiness.

- My dad has a new and quite awesome blog: take a look-see here and leave him some love. Or some like. Or at least some indifference. Just whatever you do, don't be a hater.

- Delicious but unlikely salad recipe: strained kidney beans, sliced ripe avocado, finely chopped onion, garlic, and chutney with a whole-grain-mustard, white wine vinegar and lemon juice vinaigrette tastes amazing. This recipe may have come about because these were the only foods we had. But seriously. It was DIVINE. (But Jennifer, stay away from this. It's way too weird for you.) Along the same lines: vodka + lime cordial = better than you think.


(I really love this song and believe that even if you, like me, find her nose ring unsettling, you will still enjoy it too.)


Corinnea said...

Don't know if the book is good but she is successful so....
Congrats on the job! It's a hard job but fun.
Cute top.
Interesting random facts.
I'll check out your da's blog!

Yash... said...

I had noticed the same thing about the shower head being closer, though I didn't put two and two together about the practical use of that fact. Leave it to someone on a student budget.

Thanks for the mention of my blog. :-)

Yash... said...

Oh! And, I love Jessica Lea Mayfield. But I can't see this video because it's "not available in my country". No matter.

Jennifer said...

yay about the job! I think it's good for you since you have good people skills (even if you don't care for someone you do a good job of hiding it! that's a good thing). And I love the tank top.
You made me laugh with the salad comment. I was making a disgusted face until I came upon my own name! you really are amazing. I am so jealous of how you eat! I would save SO much money if I had good taste in food and was adventurous! I too can never see the videos you post because of my country. I'll check out your dad's blog!

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