Sunday, December 19, 2010

Deck the Halls and Whatnot

After an airport ordeal that was only slightly my fault, I made it back to Stuttgart!! I was scheduled to fly Edi-Paris-Stut. and my first flight was for 6 am. So I planned to stay up all night packing my suitcase and eating and being merry and such but at 2-ish I took a quick nap and of course overslept to the point that I would miss my flight if I took the airport shuttle. So i panicked and got a taxi to the airport, and the whole way there he kept telling me I'd almost definitely miss my flight. So I rushed through bag drop and security and ran through the airport (picture the end of Love Actually) only to get there in time to hear them say there's a 3-hour delay on the flight. Out through security we went to collect our bags and i stood in a line for TWO HOURS to get rebooked. I ended up paying 25 pounds to rush to the airport so I could wait around for 6.5 hours before flying. UGHHH But I'm finally here and with Christmas cheer!

Here are some felt ornaments I made in November as samples for CreateSociety, which I co-run. Basically we get together once a week to make crafts planned by us two and we eat homebaked goodies and listen to music. It's blissful.

Still loving the twee British stuff.

I stuffed these guys from a pillow that the previous tenants left in the closet (ultra washed first). Free polyfill for life!!!

The Meadows park in Edinburgh right next to where I live, a few days before flying back. The night after I took this it dumped inches more. The city was in total chaos. No milk in the stores. No salt on the streets. Exams canceled... of course not mine. Flights canceled. Flights delayed. Busses on. Busses back off. etc. It's a miracle I'm here. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE EVERYONE!!! :)



Kelly's Korner said...

Welcome back!

corinnea said...

Glad you're home safe! Have a great xmas.

Jennifer said...

The ornaments are adorable! wish we could work together:( Have a fun time n Stuttgart and a merry christmas. Will oyu see Davide?

Adrienne said...

Love the phone booth!!! Merry Christmas!!

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