Friday, September 10, 2010


On our trip to Costa del Sol in southern-most Spain, we decided to take a day trip to Tangiers, the northern-most city in Morocco and one of Africa's furthest north cities. This is something I wanted to do for a looooong time and I'm so glad we did! I've never been somewhere so 'not-Western' for lack of a better expression.

My mom, sister and I got gorgeous traditional henna!

Dusty alleyways in the medina, or 'old-town' which is what you think of when you hear Morocco and where we stayed the whole time.

Traditional carpet store.

The entrance to a housing complex. People actually live here!

Street view.

(First five photos courtesy of my dad.)

We ate such a delicious meal of Moroccan chicken cooked in a traditional tajine, couscous and a sort of home-baked flat bread.

I was completely in awe of the beautiful handpainted pots. Usually if I'm being accosted by salespeople to buy something I'll instantly decide I don't want it and walk away but it's part of the experience here. I bought (actually bartered for! Go me!!) a beautiful silver bangle with traditional scrollwork. I probably still got ripped off but at least I tried!

The most delicious mint tea EVA. It always seemed ridiculous to me that people in many hot Arabic countries drink scalding tea to cool their body temperature but I thought, if millions of people do it there must be something to it! It may have just worked for me because I so badly wanted it to... it was... HOT.

Fruit market. One of the less-gross and better-smelling ones. Some were too disgusting and unsanitary to linger in... let alone completely stop and pull the camera out. I'm still glad I experienced it though... if only for the fact that it really made me appreciate things refrigerators and coolers.

It's a shame we only got to stay for the better part of a day here; I hate saying I've been somewhere if I've only gotten a taster version. However what I do know now is that I would love to go back and see more of Morocco and more of North Africa in general.


Jennifer said...

really gorgeous photos! I love the henna!! Can you imagine me drinking hot tea at the store on a hot day???

corinnea said...

That looks like it was a fantastic trip. Beautiful photos! I love the hot tea, they do that in Turkey too.

lizy said...

awww, Beautiful pictures!love your traditional henna!!! how long did it take to get them done?

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