Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vamos en España!

I figured that exactly one month after returning from my Spanish adventure was the perfect time to relive the experience through a photographic journey of joy.

In other words, I have finally sorted and edited these, and fully understood the fact that these photos can either sit, collecting virtual dust, or they can be shared with the world!

We started in Malaga, the capital city of Anadalucia on the southern Costa del Sol.

This is the stunning cathedral there.

Some Spain-walkin' feet.

Malaga rooftops by dusk, from our hotel on the ninth floor.

The Alcazaba by night, a Moorish palace and fortress around which the town is built.
(Photo courtesy of my dad).

Alcazaba by day; it was soooo serene and peaceful. Oh wait, no, I think this is a picture of our private pool... they look so similar it's hard to tell, yeah yeah, this is definitely our pool.... ;)

An evening walk on 'Andy's Beach', where we came across the ruins of an old fortress...

... and a starfish.

We stayed in a little house right on the outskirts of Marbella resort town. If you're just cruising through it appears to be a regular waterfront town, complete withbikini-clad beach bums and sunscreen stores. But you have to know where to look. Luckily we did. The Old Town is the quaintest, best-kept and most beautiful secret of the area, with narrow windy streets, sweet cafes and sangria galore!!
(This photo courtesy of my dad.)

Being there for the World Cup Final was an amazing stroke of luck. Although it was hard to forgive Spain for knocking Germany out of the running, they did play gloriously well and it was epic, sitting at an outdoor tapas bar on the boardwalk watching the match, being a part of something so culturally and historically important. Some people would laugh at calling the World Cup final historically important but i'm one of those that believe soccer (football) has an immense and marked power to bring people and peoples together. Try to think of another game that is shared by Germans and Ghanaians, Argentinians and Americans alike. This world cup was not only a triumph for Spain, but also for South Africa, the host nation, in that it showed the world what the country is capable of, and that it refuses to be bound by the reputation and hindrances that virtually always accompany African countries in their dealings with the more developed world. Not that you asked for any of that... but it is my blog... so in a way you did ask. :)

We took a day to go inland to Granada, to see La Alhambra, the UNESCO World Heritage Moorish palace, military fortress and walled town. It was incredible.

(These two photos courtesy of my dad.)
I always found the intricate carving and detailed stonework of the Arabic world prettier than Roman or Greek columns and statues. It has the amazing quality of maintaining simplicity through ornate and intricate details. Does that make sense? It's complicated but simple at the same time. And what amazes me most is that these were all done by hand! No laser engravers back in the day...

I have another post coming with pictures from our day trip to Tangiers, Morocco. Something I'd wanted to do for years. And it didn't disappoint!


Kelly's Korner said...

Oh that's beautiful! I love Spain. I need to see more of it!

corinnea said...

Lovely photos! Very glad you shared.Look forward to the next!

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