Monday, August 2, 2010

Sewing 'Rithmetic




It's not that I'm obsessed with this color, but... I'm sort of obsessed.

I designed and executed the pattern myself and I'm quite pleased. I did have a very clear idea in my head when I started and it's pretty close to what I envisioned.

The bag was one that I really loved but I've been using it as my carry-on for planes and it was totally coming apart. Hmmm. Maybe that's because it's made of voile. So I put the voile to a much more appropriate use. The yellow is my extra leftover from here.

It took me a while to accept the loose floaty shape which isn't exactly what I wanted, but it's soo comfortable and a dream to wear.

Too bad it's so rainy and depressing here! A top like this wants sun and heat!


lizy said...

Beautiful! You did an amazing job and all by yourelf, way to go... The pictures are lovely. Like how you added your purse fabric at the bottom, clever!

Adrienne said...

Super cute! What a sweet little summer top.

Also, I love Colbie Caillat. :)

corinnea said...

I don't think I told you how cute your top was today. You did a great job on it!

Jennifer said...

It's adorable! great job jenny. Are you coempletly out of the fabric now?

Kelly's Korner said...

I love it! Especially how you did the binding in the purse fabric too. Very clever!

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