Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Top

I could live forever in this fabric. The top is a repeat of this one, where I used leftover and unwanted fabric I already had. I figure, if you can make one for free, you're justified in spending too much money to make a second one, right? This time it's Nest Voile by Valori Wells and Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile.

I slightly tweaked my 'pattern' for a better fit.

Yes it's wrinkly. So what???

Girly and silly photoshoot idea from Katelyn, who kindly loaned her congratulations-on-getting-the-manager-job balloons.


corinnea said...

It's very lovely! Yes, doing one thing with "free" stuff totally justifies a treat. So you've gone from reluctant sewer to a fashion designer in a matter of weeks!

Jennifer said...

i love love love this top! It's so cute and unique and adorable on you! I'm so happy you're sewing more! And designing!

Kelly's Korner said...

I love the top! And how fun to take pics with the balloons!

the shooly man said...

Oh I love the top! One time, at the band camp, we took leaves and flowers and we glued those to ours shirts, and it was so awesome, so much fun!we were like part of the forest! but then oue professor told us to take them off and it was so sad... another time at the band camp...well i guess I'll tell you when I'll see you, 'cose is such an awesome story, as all the story about the band camp! :P

anyway, I like the top for real and it looks beautiful on you, as always. You are amaizing :)

totally yours,

the shooly man

Allie said...

Hi! I am glad you came across that linkback! I still love this tank top you made. It is such a perfect design and fabric choice--honestly inspiring. Thanks for the comment on my little girl's dress :)

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