Monday, July 19, 2010

Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye

At the end of May before leaving Scotland for the summer Davide and I decided to see a bit more of the country, so we booked a tour that took us around the Highlands, similar to what we did here, but more extensive.

I should say: we are not tour people. Usually I hate the idea of being ferried around on a bus with other tourists and not getting to choose what we do and when. But it's the most cost-effective way to see the wide expanse of the Highlands if you don't own a car. And at least that way we didn't miss out on something just because we didn't know it was there or how to get there. We went with Wild In Scotland, which I would totally recommend if you do decide on a tour (although driving yourself would be my first suggestion). You stay in cute family-run hostels, eat and do the dishes with other people on the tour and get all the best folklore and stories from local guides.

Some of the photos are a little grainy. My poor Nikon Coolpix has not had an easy life. Through the years it's been dropped, pounded, shaken, waterlogged, and rum-and-coke-logged. My parents gave me a new camera for my birthday so this, sadly, and happily, this is the last trip it documented. :( + :)

Another day at the office.

Eileen Donan, the most photographed castle in all of Scotland.

Kilt Rock, on the Isle of Skye itself. We got sooo lucky. It's never this sunny and clear. Actually my whole last month in Scotland it was warmer and sunnier than it was here. Record high temperatures. On one day it was even hotter than Athens.


Faery Glenn, where some scenes from the awesome Stardust were just recently filmed!

Legend has it that anyone who removes something from within Faery Glenn will be cursed by evil faeries until it's returned to its exact location. Just a legend, perhaps... but who wants to test it???

We went onto Loch Carron on a local fisherman's boat and tried some freshly-fished scallops (yum and eww at the same time)...

... got some amazing views ...

... rode with dolphins ...

... and made some friends!

One of the most peaceful places on Earth...

... and most beautiful.

Three totally perfect days.

Found this perfect video of photos from Skye over a song that I love, All About Windmills by Peatbog Faeries.


corinnea said...

That looks perfectly gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, maybe I'll make it one day.

Jennifer said...

You already know this becasue i say it every chance I get...I love scotland! My sister and I took a tour from edinburgh to Fort williams to inverness (stayed the night) and then back to edinburgh. What sucks about the tours is, almost all pictures are from the bus and they suck. But I would never have been able to afford, at that time, to rent a car for that many days and be comfortable enough to drive on the wrong side of the road and like you said, known where to go. i definitly don't regret it! It looks like you to had a really great time:)

lizy said...

Amazing photos! I would love to go to scottland someday.. You are a very lucky girl to be able to go to school there.

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