Sunday, May 2, 2010


Some new and exciting things in the shop:

Renaissance Rose Earrings (long)

Alice's Trinkets Necklace

Made from repurposed as well as new charms, beads and findings.

Edit: Sold!

Versailles II Necklace

Made from a repurposed earring. Its big sister is here.

I'm loving bluegrassy Americana right now and this song is so perfect... enjoy.


Katelyn R. said...

Wagon Wheel!!!! good times... no? and i'm in looooovvvvveeee with that first necklace!

pearlswirl said...

Yes! Wagon Wheel! Those were the best of times Katelyn! And thank you, i'm loving combining things that don't seem like they'll work at first, but in the end they do!

KD Designs said...

Ooh! That first one is lovely! And I can't believe that used to be an earring. That's huge! But lovely! :)

corinnea said...

I am so not surprised that your alice's trinkets necklace sold right away! Your stuff is always gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

You have such good taste Jenny:) The video wouldn't play for me:(

Adrienne said...

I'm loving those earrings. :) Good stuff.

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