Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yes, that's right, I'm back to blogging, and with a vengeance! I have a huge line-up of things to say and show!

But first, the Blague, or Blog-About-Prague...

Davide and I stayed 4 days in gorgeous Prague at the end of February.

A good place to start: Pilsner Urquell, the globally-accepted mama of all pilsners. My God this beer is good.

Especially together with "specially-prepared beef", which was the only name I ever found on menus for this culinary gem: tender marinated beef in an orange-cream sauce, cranberries, and THE BEST bread/potato dumplings in the world. Words seriously cannot describe how amazing this dish was. I actually got withdrawals when I had to stop eating so I could take the picture. Name anyone??

Narodni (National) Muzeum, seen on our first night. This magnificent building, which doubles as a concert-hall is, as we later accidentally found out, a natural science museum, and NOT an art gallery. Realized there's only so long you can pretend to be interested in gems, fossils, and stuffed raccoons before you have to admit you read the guide wrong.

John Lennon Wall, neatly tucked into a quiet side street. It began in the 80's as a form of protest against the then-Communist regime and has now turned into a landmark, where visiting bands and artists must leave their mark by signing, quoting Beatles lyrics, and generally promoting love and peace. AMAZING.

St. Mikolas Church on the left, and Prazsky Hrad, the castle complex, in the center, seen at dusk from one of the observation towers on Karlovy Most (Charles Bridge). This city is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I've heard people say Prague is overrated and they don't get the hype, but quite honestly, I can't say enough good things about this gorgeous city.

Morning view from atop Petrin Hill, where we took a funicular and climbed a rickety old tower.

Strahovsky Klaster (Monastery), on top of Petrin Hill. The monastery also has a gorgeously furnished and painted library--which they charged us the full price to enter, despite the bigger and better room being under complete renovation. They didn't warn us before we paid and entered, either. Still, prices were so reasonable (especially with International Student Card discounts) so who's complaining?

Castle complex and Stare Mesto (Old Town) down below.

Our sweet ride, rented for 24 hours. The guy at the rental place only spoke Czech and a tiny bit of French. Somehow we managed to figure out what the price would be, but we were only 90% sure it was a deposit, and not an actual fee, until we returned the Vespa and got the money back. BIG RELIEF.

Narodni Divadlo (National Theater)

Vltava River (Moldau) at dusk. Perfection.

I know I end all my travel posts like this, BUT, if you ever get the chance to see Prague, TAKE IT.


corinnea said...

I agree, Prague is not overrated as to it's beauty.

Glad you had a great time!

KD Designs said...


Katelyn R. said...

Glad you loved it, and you were very brave getting on that scooter with Davide! I can't wait to go!

Jennifer said...

I'm one of the ones who doens't get it (I get the ebauty but not the hype if that makes sense). But I have to explain. We took the USO bus there and I got NO sleep and it just felt rushed. We have beautiful photos too but yours make me see it differently because YOU had such a nice time. I haven't written the city off, I just was expecting different. I'm so happy you have someone to share it with and had such a great time. And I'm always so impressed at what you will eat! I hope to at least get Ava to eat anything (Emily is a lost cause).

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