Monday, January 4, 2010

A Green Christmas and Other Oddities.

I had a perfect Christmas with family and a fun New Year's with friends. My trip so far has been fabulous (which accounts for the lack of blogging) and life is good. :)

Gifts I gifted: A set of votive candle holders for my mom that started off as drinking glasses. I decoupaged them with gold shimmer tissue paper and added buttons, velvet ribbon (from here) beautiful lace, and tea candles. This was one of the most fun projects I've done in a while and I'm not done with this idea yet.

Gifts I gifted: A hand-bound tartan journal for my dad from this etsy seller and a set of Scotch Whiskey minis. (I think this might be why he agreed to let me study in Scotland--my easy access to his favorite fancy booze.) I call this his Scotland Starter Pack. And a beautiful vintage-inspired top and cluster necklace for mein Schwesterlein.

Beautiful gifts I was gifted.

Happy 2010!


Jennifer said...

that bag and the gathered top you received are sooo cute!! I'm happy you've had a nice visit. It was good to see you:)

corinnea said...

Love the photo of you and your sis. That top is awesome too. You gave and got really great things!

KD Designs said...

Way cool stuff! I like the top too, and that is a really cool pic of you guys on the path. I like your little votives! They're a lot like my little gift tins! :) The tartan journal and whiskey was a cute idea!

Katelyn R. said...

wow, i completely missed this post! I love that bag and shirt you got too! And pretty picture of you and you sister.

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