Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marché Marché

Marché Marché: a fabulously adorable one-day-only craft fair, flea market and live music extravaganza.

What a lovely day for a craft fair, today.

Wonky lamps.

Vintage and repurposed jewelry designs by Emily Chandler of Lost in the Forest, and some painted ladybug rocks in the back.

Haberdashery and Herbs display by susiemaroon.

Display by Wooden Tree.

Painted ceramic earrings, pendants and brooches with an original twist by the illustrator Lindsay Grime.

I am now the proud owner of these drop-dead-divine post heart earrings. First I thought I might give them as a Christmas present. Tis the season, you know. But who was I kidding?? Obviously that would be a waste; nobody could possibly appreciate their beauty as much as me. So that was that.

I've decided to end all blog posts with a clip of whatever song I'm currently obsessed with. Today it's Carla Bruni, the very bizarre Mrs. President of France. Whatever your feelings about the state of politics in France (I think most of you know mine...), forget them! This is smoky acoustic at its best. Enjoy.


Katelyn R. said...

oh, fun! I would have loved to have gone! It looks straight up my alley! Love those earrings too, and no, no one could have appreciated them more than you!

corinnea said...

That looks like such a fun shopping venue! The earrings are cute!

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