Thursday, October 8, 2009


The other day I bought a few little solid tank tops, a.k.a. blank canvases. :) I started stitching this without a pattern or any kind of idea and I'm just going with it. The stitching's quite bad and it's not the best material to embroider on but that's why I love it. I can work on it for as long as I want and when I get bored of working on it I'll have (at best) a cute tank top or (at worst) a new bathmat. And yes, I edited out the shop name. The only product placement allowed on this blog is for pearlswirl. :D

Some new pieces for my shop. These will be listed in the next few days. Any name suggestions?

I repurposed the charm from a stray earring my mom gave me so it's completely one of a kind.

Coming soon in more colors.

I've joined the Create Society here, and it's full of those people just like me. So even if trivial things like school work keep me down, at least I'll have something new to show you every week.

Random photo of the day: My trusty old work apron faithfully protecting my pretty outfit from the hazards of leek pie eating.


Sydney said...

Love the new pieces!

The first photo (necklace w earring charm): As Time Stands Still Necklace

Last photo (multi colored pearls): Mardi Gras Necklace

Katelyn R. said...

AWWW I think i speak for everyone when I say we miss seeing you in that apron! Thanks for the photo! and that sweater and jewelry is sooo pretty. Especially the piece from the repurposed earring!

Jennifer said...

The repurposed earring made me think Marie Antoinette..

We do really miss you:( I'm so happy you found like-minded people and are finding time to create. That's a must! I'm happy too that you're embroidering:)

corinnea said...

Love the embroidery. As usual your jewelry is very lovely. Glad you are having such a great time.

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